Roof Cleaning Q & A

Questions From Previous Customers

Q; What type of chemicals are you using on our roof?

A: The chemicals we use are approved through (ARMA) American Roofing Manufactures and what they state to use is bleach soap and water. Well over the years we have developed a solution that uses bleach at a stronger percentage and with the use of some other proprietary ingredients which all break down to a salt based content after 24hrs is the best and safest solution to use on all types of roofing material.

Q: What type of pressure do you use?

A: We never use high pressure. Again, we never use high pressure. The use of High pressure will cause tremendous granule loss. The effects of high pressure are irreversible.

Q: Will your chemicals kill my plants?

A: No. the reasons why are we pre-treat your landscape with a plant wash that will act as a barrier to the cleaning solution. Also our ground men will be constantly watering your landscape before,during and after.

Q: What if you fall off our Roof are we Responsible?

A: NO. There are many roofs that we will not even have to get on to clean them. If we have to get on the roof then we will use all the safety techniques possible. We are fully insured up to 1 million dollars so you have a better piece of mind when choosing our company.

Q: Will your chemicals harm my pets?

A: No they will not because our products are Eco-Friendly.We ask that while we are at your house working to keep all pets inside so that we can complete our work without interference. When we are done it is safe for them to come out.

Q: What do we Have to do before you come out to do the cleaning?

A: The only thing you need to do is make sure the windows and doors are shut and the outside water spigots are turned on. We take care of the rest and will make sure your property is fully cleaned up before we leave.