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From the ground, your roof seems fine. Sure the shingles aren’t as bright as they used to be, as a matter of fact, they are kind of dark now, but that’s normal right? Yeah, there are some long black streaks but that, you figure, is just mineral runoff. By and large, your roof looks great. Nothing visible that would indicate why your energy bill has risen so much in the last year? Or is there? Like most systems in your home, your roof will give you indicators when something isn’t quite right. As a homeowner in Medford, NJ it’s up to you to read the signs and take appropriate action before a nuisance becomes an expensive problem.

Curb Appeal

You hear a lot about the value of curb appeal when it comes to your home, especially if you are thinking about selling. However, when it comes to your roof, the decline of its curb appeal can be an indicator that something is amiss. Like most other surfaces around your home, when your roof is clean, it should have a bright appearance. It should look clean. However when that brightness starts to dull, or you notice black patches or streaks starting to develop, this is an indicator that you want to pay attention to. Your roof is indicating to you that an invader, Gloeocapsa Magma has found its way onto your roof. The patches and streaks you are now seeing are communities of these bacteria that have set up shop are busy EATING AWAY your shingles. Fortunately, at this stage, having a professional roof cleaning performed by Diamond Roof Cleaning is a cost-effective and efficient way to rid yourself of this nuisance and restore the curb appeal of your home. However, if you delay in having your roof cleaned your roof will send you another indicator that it needs attention.

Monthly Energy Bills

As the bacteria eat away at your roof shingles, they multiply, creating the black patches and streaks that you see. Eventually, they will cover the entire roof. Your roof, once a surface that reflected heat from the sun, is now transformed into a surface that absorbs heat. You’ll notice that you’re a/c will seem to be running longer and more frequently which will translate into higher monthly energy costs. When our energy bills rise there is a tendency to blame attic insulation, which at times can be true. But if you notice black patches or streaks on your roof AND your energy bill has steadily increased then it is a clear indicator that a professional roof cleaning is in order.

Avoiding Roof Replacement

Eventually, if left unchecked, the bacteria will cause irreparable damage to your roof shingles. Essentially leaving a collection of tiny holes that allow heat, cold and even water to pass through to your attic. Once that happens the only solution is an expensive roof replacement. The good news is that you never have to experience this scenario.

Medford, NJ’s Roof Cleaning Experts

For over 10 years, Diamond Roof Cleaning has been helping homeowners all across the Medford, NJ area protect their homes – and their wallets – with the areas best roof cleaning service. We are proud to employ our special soft wash roof cleaning service to completely remove the bacteria, algae, and fungus that can grow on your roof. Not only is our roof cleaning service 100% effective, and safe for all shingle types, it is also backed by our 5-year warranty! So if you suspect that your roof is trying to tell you something this season, contact Diamond Roof Cleaning right away before a nuisance becomes an expensive problem!

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Joel Bryan
Joel Bryan
a month ago
It was easy to get a quote and schedule the work. They came out and definitely did a great job of cleaning the house. It is the cleanest it ever was. My only issue is that two of the exhaust fan covers were blown off (?) and no one said anything about it before they left. I did not get the covers back so I assume they were taken away. I'm attaching a picture of one of them. If it was at least mentioned, then I would have given a 5 star review. -Changed to 5 Stars- This is a class A company to deal with. The owner came out and inspected the damage and issued a reimbursement. He also offered to do the installation which was more than I expected. They really do care that their customers are 100% satisfied!
Pamela Banks
Pamela Banks
3 months ago
This is the second time I’ve used Diamond Roof Cleaning to wash my stuccoed home. I’d heard horror stories from others who’d had their homes power washed and questioned the owner, Mike, who gave me addresses of homes similar to mine so I might see his work. I liked what I saw and took a chance with DRC. They did a fantastic job. The workers were friendly, respectful of my property by removing cushions from the patio chairs to keep from damaging/wetting them and answered any questions I had. Now my house looks brand new and I couldn’t be happier.
Robert Widdifield
Robert Widdifield
3 months ago
We recently completed our fourth job with Michael and The Diamond Roof Cleaning crew. This time was cleaning the house and detached garage roofs included. Another beautiful job which started punctually and did not take long to complete. The house is 45 years old with mostly original western red cedar, which comes up looking new when they’re complete. I had started, 4 years ago, to replace the western red cedar on the south and SW corner. The contractor rode by after that cleaning, 3 years ago, and thought I had someone else replace the cedar because it looked new. I’d recommend them to anyone (and have) wishing to clean their house, walls or patios. You won’t be disappointed, I’m surely not.
Diana Bisinger
Diana Bisinger
2 months ago
There are only positive remarks I can make about Diamond Roof. They did a whole house soft clean, washed the windows, and made our stone walkways and patio look like they did when put in 20 years ago. Really! The two gentlemen doing the work were wonderful, too. We had two windows with lots of algae on them and I noticed that they came back to them a few times to wash them over and over again. Would definitely hire them again!
Christine Hucklebridge
Christine Hucklebridge
in the last week
We had the house, roof and gutters cleaned and could not be happier with the results. This is the 3rd time we have used this company and have had a great experience every time. They were on time, professional and make the house look 10x better than when we do it ourselves.

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