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Spring is right around the corner! Now is the time of year when you might focus on cleaning up the exterior of your property after winter has finished doing its damage. This process is of course much easier if you follow a checklist.

It’s also easier if you enlist the help of experts. There are some exterior cleaning tasks that simply require professional assistance. Serving the Medford, NJ area, our pressure washing team at Diamond Roof Cleaning would be happy to help you get your home back in great shape this season.

We’re also happy to provide this exterior cleaning checklist. Refer to it to ensure you’re doing everything you can to restore your property to its pre-winter appearance.

Medford, NJ Pressure Washing Experts on the Ideal Spring Cleaning Checklist:

Wash Your Hardscapes

Winter can put your hardscapes through a lot of wear and tear. Even when a winter isn’t particularly harsh, temperatures are usually so cold that you neglect to clean your hardscapes during this season. That means they need your attention once spring arrives.

Algae, mold, mildew, and numerous similar organisms may have accumulated on your hardscapes over the course of winter. These can obviously have a negative impact on their appearance. However, the cosmetic effects aren’t your only concern. You also need to account for safety issues. If those organisms get wet in the rain, they’ll become dangerously slippery. Guard against this by scheduling pressure washing service for your hardscapes this spring.

This likely isn’t a task you want to handle on your own. You might not have immediate access to pressure washing equipment. Even if you do, professionals are more likely to clean your hardscapes thoroughly and safely. They have the experience necessary to deliver ideal results.

Clean Your Roof

Your roof is another area of your property that likely didn’t get a lot of attention during winter. That’s why you need to schedule roof cleaning at the start of spring.

Just as algae can accumulate on your hardscapes when they haven’t been recently cleaned, so too can roof algae develop. This can result in unsightly black streaks on your roof. More significantly, roof algae attracts other organisms that eat away at your shingles. You’ll thus need to replace it sooner than you may have expected to avoid leaving your home vulnerable to the elements.

This highlights an important point. Scheduling roof cleaning service is actually good for your wallet, as it helps to prevent costly issues. For example, along with the expenses associated with repairing or replacing your roofing, you may also have to address water damage and mold growth inside your home if your damaged shingles allow rainwater to get inside.

Clean Your Home’s Exterior

You want your home to look as attractive as possible during spring. This time of year is ideal for spending time enjoying the exterior areas of your property. You’ll be more likely to genuinely enjoy these experiences if you’re happy with the way your home looks.

That’s not to say you should pressure wash your siding. Many materials used on house exteriors actually aren’t durable enough to withstand this type of treatment. To get your home in good shape, you’re better off hiring experts.

For example, we at Diamond Roof Cleaning don’t merely offer pressure washing for Medford, NJ homeowners. When necessary, we also use a soft wash method that serves to thoroughly remove grime without damaging your siding.

Tackle Spring Cleaning with Help from Medford, NJ’s Pressure Washing Pros

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. Again, at Diamond Roof Cleaning, offering pressure washing services in the Medford, NJ area, we have the skills and experience necessary to make this process much easier for you. Call us today at (609) 929-5812 to learn more about how we can help.


Ronald Tuczak
Ronald Tuczak
a month ago
It was tremendous leaving for work and coming home to an amazingly clean home. These photos were taken the same day. My landscaper recommended Mike and he and his team delivered. A quick response and excellent service with quality results. I just had new landscaping in place and he tarped my plants and all debris was removed. I highly recommend!
Joel Bryan
Joel Bryan
3 months ago
It was easy to get a quote and schedule the work. They came out and definitely did a great job of cleaning the house. It is the cleanest it ever was. My only issue is that two of the exhaust fan covers were blown off (?) and no one said anything about it before they left. I did not get the covers back so I assume they were taken away. I'm attaching a picture of one of them. If it was at least mentioned, then I would have given a 5 star review. -Changed to 5 Stars- This is a class A company to deal with. The owner came out and inspected the damage and issued a reimbursement. He also offered to do the installation which was more than I expected. They really do care that their customers are 100% satisfied!
Pamela Banks
Pamela Banks
5 months ago
This is the second time I’ve used Diamond Roof Cleaning to wash my stuccoed home. I’d heard horror stories from others who’d had their homes power washed and questioned the owner, Mike, who gave me addresses of homes similar to mine so I might see his work. I liked what I saw and took a chance with DRC. They did a fantastic job. The workers were friendly, respectful of my property by removing cushions from the patio chairs to keep from damaging/wetting them and answered any questions I had. Now my house looks brand new and I couldn’t be happier.
Tina B
Tina B
a month ago
Quick response and super easy to schedule the work. They did a fantastic job! The siding looks great! The window trim looks like it did the day it was installed. Came up super white and so clean. Definitely will be using them in the future. Highly recommend !!!
Lawrence Coia
Lawrence Coia
a month ago
Have a big brick and stucco house with tile roof and paved driveway. Diamond Roof Cleaning did a great job on all- roof, walls and pavers. Price was reasonable. Job was finished on time. Other companies gave higher quotes and then tried to get the job by giving special deal. I like it when there is no need to negotiate as was the case with Diamond Roof Cleaning.

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