Soft Wash House Washing: The Superior Way to Clean Siding

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Keeping your home’s siding clean is a priority for many reasons. Naturally, you’ll feel greater pride in your home when it looks its best. Additionally, maintaining a clean exterior is key to maintaining your home’s value, making it easier to sell in the future if you ever plan to do so. It’s also worth noting that hiring professionals to clean your siding can be good for your health, as they’ll remove grime, mold, and other contaminants that could otherwise trigger allergic reactions.

However, it’s important to understand that some house washing methods are superior to others. For instance, at Diamond Roof Cleaning, serving homeowners in and around Medford, NJ, we specifically offer soft wash house washing service.

What is soft wash house washing? Why is it a better option than power washing your home? This brief guide will answer your questions, helping you better understand why it’s the ideal house washing method.

The Benefits of Soft Wash House Washing for Your Medford, NJ Home

Some homeowners make the mistake of assuming that cleaning their siding can be a DIY job. That’s actually not the case. You’re much better off coordinating with professionals who specialize in soft wash house washing. The following are key reasons why:

No Risk of Damage

Many homeowners don’t realize their siding may not be durable enough to withstand the force of a pressure or power washer. If you pressure wash your siding, you actually run the risk of damaging it. In an effort to improve your home, you will have ironically caused damage that may be costly to repair.

That’s perhaps the main reason soft wash house washing is ideal. Instead of pressure washing your home, we combine eco-friendly detergents with a gentle application of water to remove debris and contaminants from your siding. This method delivers thorough results without the risk of damage.


Your siding isn’t all that’s at risk if you try to clean it with a power washer. You also need to consider your safety, and the safety of anyone else on the property. Using a power washer without the necessary training can be more dangerous than you may realize.

This is another reason to hire pros who offer soft wash house washing service to clean your siding. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and everyone else on the property aren’t in harm’s way.


It’s understandable to assume that soft wash house washing simply won’t clean your siding as thoroughly as power washing it. However, even though this assumption may be understandable, it’s incorrect.

The detergents used in soft wash house washing are specialized products that are safe for both you and the environment. They’re also designed specifically for this purpose. When combined with water, they soak up debris and contaminants, removing them easily. Thus, they yield results that are actually superior to the merely cosmetic results you might get with a power washer.

That’s a crucial point. Remember, cleaning your siding isn’t just about making your house look appealing. It’s also about removing potential allergens. While a power washer may not be able to do so effectively, soft wash house washing experts can.

The Importance of Hiring Professionals

Getting the best possible results is just one reason to hire experts who offer soft wash house washing service. With help from the professionals, you’ll also save a lot of time, giving yourself more opportunities to enjoy your home for once.

You simply need to make sure you hire a team you can trust. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Diamond Roof Cleaning, serving homeowners in and around Medford, NJ. We’ve cultivated a stellar reputation among our customers due to our professionalism, expertise, and dedication to quality. Call us at (609) 929-5812 to learn more!



Dina Guzzardo
Dina Guzzardo
in the last week
Absolutely blown away by the exceptional service provided by Diamond roof cleaning! From the moment I contacted them, their professionalism and attention to detail were evident. They transformed my home to stunning again in just one day. Not only did they meticulously clean every inch of my roof, pathways, and house, but they also went above and beyond by clearing out my gutters and giving them a thorough wash. The results are nothing short of astonishing – my house looks like it's been freshly built! The team at Diamond were prompt, courteous, and incredibly efficient. They treated my property with the utmost care and respect, ensuring every surface was spotless without causing any damage. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services. Thank you for restoring the beauty of my home and exceeding all expectations!"
Tina Ritondaro
Tina Ritondaro
2 weeks ago
We have used Diamond Roof Cleaning several times. Always professional, prompt and do a great job! I love their ease of booking/estimates and appreciate the repeat-customer discount. I would highly recommend!
Ronald Tuczak
Ronald Tuczak
6 months ago
It was tremendous leaving for work and coming home to an amazingly clean home. These photos were taken the same day. My landscaper recommended Mike and he and his team delivered. A quick response and excellent service with quality results. I just had new landscaping in place and he tarped my plants and all debris was removed. I highly recommend!
Susan Fuller
Susan Fuller
a week ago
I have used Diamond roof cleaning for house, patio and gutter cleaning. They are a super reliable business that is very professional and thorough. I wish more businesses had their work ethic, and will definitely be using them again.
Pamela Banks
Pamela Banks
10 months ago
This is the second time I’ve used Diamond Roof Cleaning to wash my stuccoed home. I’d heard horror stories from others who’d had their homes power washed and questioned the owner, Mike, who gave me addresses of homes similar to mine so I might see his work. I liked what I saw and took a chance with DRC. They did a fantastic job. The workers were friendly, respectful of my property by removing cushions from the patio chairs to keep from damaging/wetting them and answered any questions I had. Now my house looks brand new and I couldn’t be happier.

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